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Production Guidelines

Radio TV Film provides an environment for students to develop the skills and knowledge to become successful media professionals. Students are given access to facilities, equipment and software needed to create compelling, creative media content.

Student Agreement and Policy Manual

All students wishing access to the Radio-TV-Film department facilities and equipment are required to read the Policies and Procedures Manual yearly. The student agreement form should be filled out and signed by the student and professor or advisor. The signed form is then turned into the Director of Engineering, located in Master Control A/C W1.

Advanced Project Approval

Any student needing access to production and post production facilities and equipment for a specific project needs to fill out the advanced project approval form. This form has important information needed for equipment checkout and setting up the workflow for Editshare.

Location Requests

Students may need access to locations on or off campus for meetings, production filming or special events.

Reserve a Classroom

To reserve a classroom, contact Claire Armstrong in the Department Office, A/C W112 or At least one week notice is needed for requests.

Include the following information in your email:

  • Contact name
  • What the room is needed for
  • Date and time
  • Your ideal room 
Reserve a Location in A/C Center

To reserve a location in the Arts & Communication Buildings, submit requests to the contact person listed for each specific area.

  • RTF area in A/C west building including the RTF conference room W115 contact Claire Armstrong  in the Department Office A/C W112 or
  • TV studios, check the calendar for availability then go to master control to make the reservation.
  • WRST, contact Randall Davidson at
  • Theatre facilities, productions cannot use theatre facilities under any circumstances without first gaining permission from Theatre faculty and staff.  Contact Kristina Mosley in the Department Office A/C w103 or
Request Other Locations On-campus

To request an on-campus filming location, fill out the online request form. The request will go to the, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the University Chief of Police for final approval. All requests need to be made two weeks in advance of your shoot.

When scouting locations keep the following information in mind:

  • Guns may not be used on any exterior campus location and only with approval for interior locations.
  • Be mindful that fighting or screaming in communal areas on campus may result in someone calling the police.
  • Check the events schedule to ensure there isn’t a conflicting event happening.  (Don’t shoot in the main AC lobby during a music event.)
  • A room belonging to faculty or staff will not be opened by campus police without the consent of the person who uses that space.
  • The following areas are off-limits for productions: rooftops, Health Services, Nursing Department, heating plant, and Counseling Center.

News Coverage – If recording an event, obtain permission from event organizers to cover the event.  If you are conducting interviews, obtaining verbal permission will serve as a release.  If you are recording in public areas (library, Reeve, etc) obtain permission from someone of authority in the space.  Always be very open that you are representing RTF.

Sports Coverage – If recording an event, obtain the necessary permissions from the athletics department, WIAC or (for post-season), the NCAA.

Filming in Residence Halls – If you plan on filming in a dorm room, you must gain permission from those living in the spaces and the residence hall directors.

Request Off Campus Locations

To request off campus locations, students will need to contact the location owner/manager directly. Occasionally the shoot location will want a contract signed. Under no circumstances can a UWO student sign any type of contract. For questions regarding insurance or contracts, contact your professor/advisor or Claire Armstrong in the RTF Department office.  

Ordering Food

There are two ways to have food at an event, meeting or film shoot. The first is to purchase food using approved-funds from the student organization’s budget and the other is to ask local businesses for donations.

How To Order Food

Purchasing Food

The University requires meal requisitions to be submitted to Administrative Services for food that will be purchased with state funds. All meal requisitions need to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the event.

What you need to do:

  1. Determine with your budget manager and or advisor if you have a food budget.
  2. Determine whether your event is in your budget (student allocations needs all events itemized in the food budget line).
  3. Determine where you are purchasing food. Are you ordering pizza or do you need snacks?
  4. Here are three UWO approved vendors that you can use:
    1. Festival Foods – 2415 Westowne Avenue, 920-966-3378
    2. Domino’s Pizza – 2301 Jackson St., 920-233-3030
    3. Papa John’s – 150 Wisconsin St., 920-232-7272
  5. Contact Claire Armstrong to request a Meal Requisition. You will need to bring the following items to the main office, AC W112:
    1. An agenda or call sheet with the name of the event, dates, times and location of event.
    2. A crew sheet or list of names of students attending the event.
    3. Amount of the budget allotted and the vendor.
  6. Claire will fill out and submit the Meal Requisition to Administrative Services.
  7. You will be given a copy of the meal requisition to give to the vendor.
    1. How order pizza – place your order making sure to tell them you have a meal requisition.
      1. Do not tip more than 15% as that is the maximum the University will allow. Write the tip amount on the receipt that goes back with the driver.
      2. Give the driver the meal requisition. Keep a copy of the invoice/receipt.
      3. Bring the receipt to the RTF office.
    2. How to purchase snacks from Festival – take your meal requisition to the customer service counter. They will explain what you need to do in the store.
      1. Bring the receipt to the RTF office.
How to Procure Food Donations

If your event does not have a food budget, you may solicit local businesses for donations. It is the responsibility of the producers of the event to take care of any food donations. The donor may ask for a receipt for tax purposes. Please contact the RTF Department office if a Gift in Kind receipt is needed.

After Hours Building Access

Students enrolled in a production course or are actively participating in a student organization will automatically be given after hours access to both  A/C buildings until the end of the semester. If you need access or are not sure if you have it, please contact your advisor or instructor. At least one weeks notice is needed for requests.

Advanced Project Funding Requests

Film and television students must fund the basic expenses tied to their work out of pocket.  This includes food for cast and crew, gas for transportation, ordinary props, ordinary makeup, and paper and photocopy expenses for the distribution of scripts, production schedules, call sheets, and camera logs.

Sometimes, however, a project might require a more significant expense that can be pivotal to the project’s success.  There might be transportation and hotel expenses or a stipend tied to bringing in a professional actor.  A generator might need to be rented for nighttime shooting.  A project might be best served by being shot on film instead of digital video.  A professional recording session with a professional musician might be desirable.  A production might have unusual makeup or wardrobe demands.

For these occasions, students may request funding from the department.  RTF may not be able to fund the request in its entirety, but we might be able to partially defray costs.  Please fill out the Advanced Project Funding Request Form and submit your request to the Department office at